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QinetiX develops and manufactures BLDC electrical motors and power generators based on an innovative electrical configuration design for different kind of applications. All the power and control electronics is accommodated within the electrical machine case in order to achieve high power to weight ratio and very compact design.

About Us

About Us

Qinetix is active in the development of innovative systems using new technologies and the experience of several people who have been active in space, aviation and telecommunication.



Aeronautics and flight sports

Qinetix motors have been designed for aeronautical applications and Flight sports thanks to the high power density and intrinsic reliability. In particular Qinetix motors are specifically optimized for general aviation (powered glider) and for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Automotive and E-power traction

QinetiX designs, engineers and manufactures Integrated BLDC motors particularly suitable to automotive and E-traction thanks to the high Power and Torque density. Qinetix may provide to automotive players customized integrated motors over a wide range of Power, Torque and RPM.

Power generation

Thank to the specific short axial length configuration, QinetiX motors can be easily integrated with internal combustion engines and/or wind turbine power generators.



QPD-40 is a high performance Electric motor developed mainly for air sport. The motor can be suitable as direct drive for propeller with high torque and low rpm. The design of the innovative motor design leads to a high power density and compact device.

The main characteristics are:

Brushless Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Fully integrated control electronics
Innovative control principles to generate magnetic field rotations
Liquid cooled stator and power electronics
Optimal temperature distribution by means of innovative motor design
High energetic efficiency

Performance Summary:

Power = 40 KW
Weight = 12 Kg
RPM = 1800
Torque = 212 Nm
Voltage = 60 V
Current = 680 A
Power Density = 3.2 KW/Kg


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